CHILD ABUSE: Our Nation's Largest Public Health Problem

The ACE study revealed that child abuse was our nation's largest public health problem. Robert Anda of the CDC calculated that without child abuse most of the large Problems on the World would decrease drastically.

The absence of Child abuse in America would reduce the rates of the following

* DEPRESSION - by more than half 

* ALCOHOLISM - by 2/3

* SUICIDE - by 3/4

* IV DRUG USE - by 3/4


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What Are You Willing To Give To Stop The Abuse In Other Peoples Life ?

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About Us


Our Mission

Our Recourses

Our Mission

Our Mission is it to lead those that have been in contact with abuse towards healing and actively preventing abuse.

We understand the Pain of many that have been abused and are working activity to educate and help each of them. 


Our History

Our Recourses

Our Mission

Living among those that have been abused has caused us to seek understanding in regards to the continual Pain that is caused by abuse. The Broken Trust was founded to empower the abused and those around them to find help, solutions and healing.


Our Recourses

Our Recourses

Our Recourses

Nobody should go through the effects of abuse by themselves!

We have collected the best resources that will help heal those that seek healing.

Our Resources reach from online classes and articles to actual in person workshops.

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