1 out of 4 Women Have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Our mission is to help change the narrative, and create light, healing, and forgiveness.

What Will You Do When They Come to You?

Have you had a friend come to you with their story? Here’s how you can help them.

The Mission of Broken Trust

Broken Trust is a non-profit organization, striving to share love and light with sexual abuse survivors and their loved ones.

We are redefining the story around sexual abuse to empower and give love and light to women survivors and their allies. Broken Trust provides resources to restore hope, and start the healing journey.

At Broken Trust, we believe in lifting and supporting each other, while loving individually.

Deep listening is the kind of listening that can help relieve the suffering of another person. You can call it compassionate listening. You listen with only one purpose: to help him or her to empty his heart.

 – Thich Ngat Nanh

The Vision of Broken Trust

We’re a foundation of survivors and allies, here to be an ally to you so that you can be of service to the survivors in your life. Before you begin your search for resources, we wish to share some thoughts with you.

First and foremost, when someone comes to you to share their sexual abuse or assault experience, the most important way you can support your loved one is by believing them. Show them loving kindness and non-judgmental compassion.
And, please, remember this:

Their abuse was not their fault.

They are not to be blamed, punished, or questioned as to why they didn’t stop the abuse from happening.

Sharing their story (possibly for the first time) may be one of the most difficult steps a survivor will take in her life. Encourage her recovery, ask how you can be of service to her, and offer support in the form of finding healing resources so that she doesn’t have to recover alone. Oftentimes existing with the trauma of abuse is exhausting and depleting. You can help by connecting a survivor with the resources she needs to begin her road to recovery.

We offer women empowerment through choice of personalized healing. This is where she can take the next steps to heal in a way that feels safe and supportive for her.
You can be of service to the survivors in your life by becoming an informed and compassionate ally. Welcome to Broken Trust. 

Our Sponsored Programs

The healing programs we sponsor are designed to help women overcome the trials and challenges that have come from sexual abuse. These programs are run and managed by licensed therapsts, who specialize in helping women with sexual abuse, trauma, and addiction. 

How You Can Help

The therapists we work with are running continuous “cohorts” that allow us to help women who come to us in need. Many women who have experienced sexual abuse do not have the resources to participate in these programs, and that is where you can help.

There are two ways that we identify a woman in need:

1. Our therapists will refer a woman to us who doesn’t have the financial resources to be a part of their program. Broken Trust then evaluates who we can help based on their recommendations.

2. When we are contacted by someone who is in need of help, we can refer them to the therapists we partner with, and they will help determine what program will be most effective.

Each woman is treated with dignity and respect during this process.

We also are creating a database of resources and online programs, both free and paid, that will help support women spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically on their healing journey. 

They include: 

Health & Wellness





When you donate to Broken Trust, you are providing resources to women for online programs, extensive group healing programs, healing retreats, and other opportunities to get the help they truly need. 

1 in 4 women have experienced sexual abuse. We have a lot of work to do. Will you help us?


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